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3 factors that can make the Mid Year Reviews your conduct  – Inefficient

While there can be lots of factors why Mid Year Reviews you conduct may proven to be inefficient but today i am going to discuss three very basic factors which can make the Mid Year Reviews Inefficient. Knowing this might help you to garner better justification of your spend on energy, money and time when you conduct mid year review.

  • Lack Of Clarity : Clarity is the first thing with which every organization should communicate. No employee joins an organization, start the day or works to achieve non performance. The initial intent is always positive as most of the employees sees an opportunity to perform and prove self on the first day of job. If the employee is not clearly aware of the exact thing he need to do and suddenly he finds some unknown factors on which his career performance is measured – this may be highly demotivating. A competency based approach and clarity on job description can really help a clear communication across all levels in an organization and an employee can achieve clarity in what’s expected from him not on the day on joining but on the day he was interviewed. You can really unleash the underlying values of Mid year Reviews you conduct if you start practicing clear and competency focussed human resource methods.
  • Lack Of Process: We all strive for increasing employee performance and we always want that. Every organization will love to have a team where all employees produce double than whats expected and the organization does double the goals they set for themselves. Every result you achieve is actually the result of your process and we need to improve the price to improve the quality of the results. Without a proper process, the results you chase might be just an aspirational dream. A shift from “ I don’t know how but i want this by hook or crook” to “ I want this and this is how we can achieve the result” can help a lot. A well defined process can really transform the organization with the Mid Year Review you conduct.
  • Lack of Employee Focus : Results are always what we all see but results clearly show how the organization is. After all, an organization is a collaborative human factors and hence employee development is the only way to develop an organization. For employee development, a review can hardly help. Review is not the end. Its a beginning of a development path. To really serve the purpose to conduct mid year review, its important to ensure a development path for employees are chalked and implemented immediately after the review.

These three factors can really stop and can pull down entire essence of Mid Year Review.