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360 Degree Assessments for Development

360 degree assessments for development360 Degree Assessments for Development


Developing Employees is probably the most important part of Organizational Development if not the only one. While charting out development plan of the employees, you come across few questions which may seem tough to answer :

  • What are the core job areas where the employee need to develop.
  • Among the core areas, what is the priority of developing
  • How the employee developing plan aligning with Organization Objectives.
  • How to assess among core parts which one employee does more than what is required and do on…

Probably answering to these types of questions can help you strategize and chart out better Employee Development Plan and clarity on these questions can be achieved with 360 Degree Assessments for Development.

360 degree assessments for development

Purpose Of 360 Assessments for Development

Why You Should conduct 360 degree assessments for development

There can be lots of purpose to conduct 360 Degree Assessments for Development among which, the the broader objective can be achieving clarity across all level which is the base of any well communicative and low conflict organization. Some of the prime reasons you may look for 360 degree assessment for development can be :

  1. Clarity to Employees: You want your employees to clearly know what exactly is expected from him / her rather than working clueless.
  2. Clarity to Managers: You want your managers to know clearly the development areas and strategies for each of the employee he /she is managing
  3. Clarity to Organization : You want the entire organization to be clear on their job division, job roles and move ahead with less conflict in a development oriented path.
  4. Employee Development : You want your employees to feel the organization focuses on their development.
  5. Relevant Training : If you think the training program should not be a costly “Feel Good Factor” and you believe there is a word called “Development” in every training program.
  6. Collaborative : If you think an organization is a collaboration of people and people rather than excel sheets should understand what to develop and to what extent.
  7. Customer Focus: If you feel your organization values customer satisfaction and values their opinion. Be it internal or external.
360 Degree Assessments Development

Features Of 360 Degree Assessments for Development

Why You Should Outsource 360 Degree Assessments for Development To us


Our 360 Degree Assessments are multilevel. You can select who all can give feedback for a particular employee. Be it peers, managers, top management, customers, vendors or anyone related to that employee. you need to simply mention. That’s All…

Highly Customizable

While creating 360 Degree Assessments, you will have access to our competency library of 176 competencies to choose from which includes 32 global basic competencies and rest job specific derived competencies.

Cloud Based Platform

From Buying Credits, Creating 360 Degree Assessments, Inviting to take Survey, Evaluation and Reports – Our entire process is cloud based and you get a single powerful platform to conduct all type of360 Degree Assessments and get reports.

Robust Analytics

Taking a360 Degree Assessments is not the end. It’s beginning of a better decision process. Our robust analytics module helps you make effective decisions. Simply make few clicks and know what you want to know and compare what you want to compare.


Simple Language Reports

Neither we understand, nor we use complex language. Our report for360 Degree Assessments is written in very simple language and we have a support system in place where you can Call, Chat or Email with our team to clarify your doubts if you have any

Saves Time and Energy

Being online under single dashboard, automated system and paperless works – It ensure you save time and energy and it in return always increase productivity. See our benefits section. Needless to say, everyone is benefitted – The Participant, The HR, The Manager and The organization

Pocket Friendly

We know the meaning of ROI and hence we ensure our solutions are worth always. Whether it’s a single test or multiple tests –  you will find our prices always match able with your needs.We ensure you get the best return on every penny you spend with us.

Innovative Features

Structure, Theory, Concept – they make a base. But, innovation is what makes going further. Our dashboard is added with new innovative features regularly.Simply subscribe with us and you will get news on our innovations and ideas on a regular basis.

Round The Clock Support

A dedicated resource team dedicated to you. We have round the clock support through our support portal and we ensure we complete all support within timeline. Be it Billing, Refund, Understanding Reports , Creating Surveys and so on….

Benefits Of Conducting 360 Degree Assessments for Development

There is something for everyone... After all, It's a Team !!!

For Employees:

  • A clear communication on what’s expected will always make employees work with much clarity.
  • When the organization is focussed on employee development, needless to say, employees will be focussed on own development.
  • Love for Work made visible, when employees feels that the organization is focussed on their development.
  • Employee productivity and retention increases to a great extent.

For HR :

  • Better Startegies for Employee Development
  • Paperless work
  • Saves time being automated
  • Effective and Clear Development activities
  • Higher Retention
  • Better Productivity
  • Easy Employee Motivation

For Managers :

  • Better Focussed Team
  • Increase in Team Productivity
  • Clear Team Management Decisions and Strategies
  • Developing your talent to maximise its full potential and enhance business performance
  •  Retaining your best people and realizing and developing their potential for as long as possible. 

For Organization:

  • Choice Of Employee to work with
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Performance
  • High Productivity
  • Fair Employer
  • Productive Departments
  • High Retention of Talents