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What are 360 degree assessments?

Customer Satisfaction – That’s one of the prime objectives any organization who wants to grow and stay in the market and face competition. And, that’s one of the key differentiator among organizations. Every marketing initiative, product team, research team, sales team, operations team, support team – be it any department and team, everyone tries to align their strategies towards customer satisfaction and probably, that’s the only way forward to stay and grow in the market.

Keeping the same theme in mind, nowadays 360 degree assessments became a must have tool to practise. As, the name suggests, these assessments ensures your organization strategies are aligned as per expectations of both types of customers – Internal and External. After all, whatever the organization does, its only by human to human. And hence, this tool plays an important role to know what people expect from an organization and its employees. In one word, it takes care of both – Employee Satisfaction and Client Satisfaction.

This tool has two types – Performance Feedback and Development Feedback. In performance feedback, the internal and external customers provide feedback on how a particular employee has performed while in case of development feedback, the internal and external customers provide what the performance should be and what actually the performance happened in the selected period.

While the performance feedback helps in understanding the current performance level across various responsibility areas of an employee, the development areas gives a clear platform to understand “ What the particular employee need to develop immediately” , “what the employee need to continue doing to the same extent”, “what the employee need to stop or reduce doing” and much more

What kind of 360 degree assessment you should use and what should be the frequency of the same?

Performance Feedback : While one should always conduct 360 degree assessments once in a year, but twice in a year is always suggestible. One at beginning of the year and one in mid year.

Development Feedback: Development feedback are normally taken once in a year to understand what should be the Organization Development strategy and what should be the priority focus area of development of a particular employee.

What are the areas to use in 360 Degree Assessments?

A job has many facets and it seeks a combination of lots of competencies. In fact, if you look at any basic competency library, you will find most of the competency are required to perform a particular job. But while assessing a job or performance of a particular employee, you must identify the top 5-6 most required competencies of that job and assess the same. If you have a competency model, the core competencies are those which should be assessed.

Whom you should invite for 360 Degree Assessments?

Ideally, it should be a combination of different categories. The 360 degree assessments can be made more effective when the following categories are present : –

  • Self ( The person whom you will assess is assessing self)
  • Peers
  • Managers( a combination of direct manager and other who knows the person well)
  • Juniors
  • Customers / Vendors ( Subject to Organization approvals)

The only criteria while selecting the person to assess one employee should be – “The person should know the employee well and is dealing with the employee out of work requirements”

How Organizational Performance relates with 360 Degree Assessments?

What is an Organization. Its actually a summation of the people. Hence an average of all the performance feedbacks or development feedbacks will give a clear picture of how the organization is performing and also what needs to be developed and what need to be reduced to match internal
and external customer expectations. In simple words, it gives a crystal clear platform to strategize your performance and development areas.

What are benefits of 360 Degree Assessments?

The main benefit of 360 degree assessments is clarity. Clarity helps reducing conflicts, dissatisfactions and ensure smooth sailing always. Being Multilevel and Multilayer by nature, 360 degree assessments can benefit in multiple ways to multiple groups. While the benefits can be
huge, but some of the benefits of 360 degree assessments can be further classified into following:

  • For Organization : 360 degree assessments helps an organization conduct fair practice while managing activities like promotions, developments, etc. Also, the organization can have an eagle eye view on how they are performing as whole and what needs immediate attention. The organization gets a platform from where an organization can chart a clear performance and development strategy.
  • For Employees: Needless to say, the performance and development assessment gives an immense clarity on how one is performing, how one can develop further and what are the areas which will be critical factors of performance. Also, a multi level feedback will always ensure an employee focus on customer satisfaction for both – Internal and external and at multi levels.
  • For Internal External Customers : Whenever an organization seeks inputs or feedbacks from an internal or external customer, it always gives a feeling of “being heard” and in all ways, it increases the feel of loyalty and focus of development for the organization.

So, probably 360 degree assessment is such a tool who has something in store for everyone

Why Adfers 360 Degree Assessments can be the best one for you?

Conducting a 360 degree assessment can be tiresome and that’s exactly where we can help you reap the awesome benefits of 360 degree assessments . Some of the reasons you should consider while thinking of us to handle your 360 degree assessments can be:

  • Huge Competency Library We have an exhaustive competency library of 176 competencies to choose from which includes 32 global basic competencies and rest job specific derived competencies.
  • Job Specific Competency List for 360 degree assessments: We already have a job specific competency list which you can simply adapt and start using. It helps you start the 360 degree assessments in no time with us.
  • Online: Built on robust platform, we ensure on time and uptime delivery of your project. And, a
    dedicated technical support team will always ensure your project is in right and safe hands.
  • Support Team: The moment you sign up with us, you get the contact of technical support, knowledge support and process support people immediately. Though our platform is do it yourself, but, we ensure you don’t have to do anything if you want to. We will simply take care of your needs – from set up of your account to conducting your 360 degree assessments.
  • Reports: Reports are probably one of the most vital part of anything you do and we have
    ensured the report sent to you is written in the simplest possible language and its clean yet attractive enough so that you feel the awesomeness always.
  • Your Time and Cost:Paperless, online and topped with a dedicated support team on all areas of your project makes your 360 degree assessments a time saving and a cost saving tool always.
But, 360 degree assessments may not be applicable to us.

Well, if your organization is not people focussed, 360 degree assessments may not be considered.

Else, there can not be any reason why you should not listen to your Internal Customers – Who Works for You and Your External Customers – For Whom You work.

It’s simply an opportunity to involve people related to the organization to make the organization grow. And, it’s the way forward.

Implement 360 Degree Assessments Now!!!

Implement 360 Degree Assessments Now

It’s simply an opportunity to involve people related to the organization to make the organization grow. And, it’s the way forward.

Implement Now!!!