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5 good reasons to outsource exit interview process:

Exit interview and exit surveys are two things, perhaps most important in employee life cycle (ELC). This is the last post where as an HR Manager personally and being part of management team you get last chance to fathom what exactly went wrong? But despite your good intention your departing employee may not tell you the exact reason of separation. Be it an employee leaving voluntarily your company or an employee with pink slip – chances are there both of them would remain tight lipped.

The option would be an anonymous interview. If any external HR professional firm gets in touch and talk with the aggrieved employee she/he may speak frankly. To remove bitterness you got a last chance. And among many today we would discuss 5 good reasons to outsource exit interview process.

Given a choice if we need to pick 5 good reasons behind outsourcing exit interview process alphabetically in order, they would be:


Outsourcing Exit interview and surveys provides a means to shatter the personal and emotional barriers and hard feelings. Each party remains anonymous and thus trusts each other because the exit vendor protects individual identity.

2.Candid Exit Survey Responses:

Suppose as a HR Manager you call personally a departing employee after a few days. Would he/she be comfortable speaking to you patiently?
Thus outsourcing exit interview is a good option. It’s a more intelligent choice because they would conduct the interview online and with paperless means. You help your employees who are moving away, become more comfortable and candid.

3.Completion Rates are higher:

Imagine any of your employees leaving office. As an HR officer you take that person in a corner cubicle and hand him/her a bunch of papers and a pencil. Would it be a right time or right way to conduct an exit interview?
If any third party vendor conducts the interview online it would be much easier for that employee to complete the exit interview. He/she would have to start clicking on the questions, ultimately yielding high completion rates and thus give you better information to work with.

4.Data Consistency

Data consistency is another good factor which comes with outsourcing exit interview process. Your data remains secured and digitised. You have proof that your exits are legally compliant.
You need not bother about managing bulky exit files any more. Nor you need to send those to your hierarchies. Do this with just a click of mouse.

5.Useful, elaborate, and thorough reports from exit analytics:

Combining the above benefits you get an option to produce easy-to-read reports that allow you to pinpoint areas which needs corrective measures. Also you can pull the data into analytics and compare and shred all data in graphs, tables etc. You see the exit pattern demographically. You also get the factors behind exit. Either they are combined or any of the below mentioned factors:

  • Job related factors
  • Pay and benefits factors
  • Organizational factors
  • Supervision
  • Top management policies
  • Departmental factors

At the end you get good vibe from employees. In your organization employees feel their voice is heard. They trust that the organization wants to improve by knowing why their people are leaving. You can now check turnover effectively and lower the cost of wrong recruitment and selection.