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Easy Onboarding

We really worked hard to make your experience to Awesomeness Easy. Once you register for a free account, from setting up your account, Creating your Assessments, Customising any special requirements – whatever you need, we simply deliver. A team works with you and we ensure you never have any problems. Whatever be your requirement, you simply need to tell. Our knowledge consultants tells what it should be, Our Technical Consultants tells how it will be and Our Business Consultant ensures, it is there. That’s all. While signing up, you receive a welcome mail which has contact details of all the consultants who are dedicated to ensure our services are easy to use and it serves exactly what you need or even planned.

Multi Level

An organization cannot have one person in Human Resource. Also, there can be separate branches, groups, set of people to conduct different activities. Hence, we made this platform Multilevel. Where there is one main or primary account and the admin of the account can create multiple users under the same. You can transfer the usage credit from your account, edit, delete, see usage, reports, transactions of  any user account. Hence, one account can help you manage your team and branches with few clicks. Collaboration is the key for any work and thats exactly what we implemented. You can simply transfer this awesome experience to your team as well and make the team awesome.This feature is very helpful to manage multiple functions, manage works at branch level and lots more.

Competency Focussed

Now take talent steering decisions based on organizational core as well as position-specific competencies to outlive your competitors. Competencies provide you solutions to define in behavioural terms “what”, “how” and in “which” way it is that your employees need to be productive according to the organization culture and expectation. Our 200% Competency focused Human Resource Management solutions enables the integration of human resources planning with business planning by allowing you to assess the current human resource competencies against the competencies needed to achieve the vision, mission and business goals for your organization. Focus on Competencies and make your brand awesome.

Competency Approach for all Types & Levels Of Job

Achieving team-dynamics primarily originates by distinctly defining diverse job roles of employees. A job includes several roles or responsibilities associated with a job. We provide tailor-made competency analysis to establish what is required of someone carrying out a role, in terms of, first, behavioural competencies (soft skills) and second, technical or functional competencies (hard skills). We help you to customise Competency Focused Job Roles for every job. Being Competency focused, more than just spelling out the group’s approach is helping you steering the efficiency and effectiveness of total workforce, buy cohering diverse individual roles to an impacted collaboration success.

Industry Specific Competency Based

We have anticipated and addressed the needs in our organic customized solutions to meet the future evolution of streamlining and automating complex HR processes across all industries. Our Competency focused Solutions have every industry specific answers in the sets of interface features. Our custom solutions possess notable degree of flexibility which will add to every HRM process of your business and allow for comprehensive level of customization. Different industry requires different ways to solve same problem. You can achieve the results with sets of integrated but different Competency based solutions based on the competencies that fit the particular strategy and organizational culture.

Industry Specific Competency

In All HR Stages

We believe that personality is unique! – So is your company. Thus we have created our Competency focused Talent Solutions the way you wish – you can pick and choose your solutions in your own way. Our solutions is a holistic approach to all your HRM head-aches, e.g.: Recruitment and Selection, balancing Performance and Rewards, enabling a Transparent Organizational Succession Planning, Ensuring ROI of Training and Development Budgets, Finding out Organizational Skill Gap accurately, Benchmarking Organizational Competency, Ensuring 360 Degree organizational sponsorship for implementing changes in Talent Management Procedures and Transparent and Compliance-effective Employee Exit Operations.

Cloud Based

Your Human Resource Jobs not moved to cloud yet? Always wished there was a simple step you could take to become more competitive? Moving to the cloud gives access to ERP technology to you. It allows smaller businesses to act faster than big, established Goliaths. Now manage entire human resource process, from taking competency assessments in recruitment, conducting employee surveys, analysing training needs or be it employee engagement, taking exit surveys, creating 360 degree assessments, and much more on our cloud. The survey responses, report generation and the analytics are on cloud as well. Now enjoy greater data security and you don’t have to leave over sized carbon footprints either.

Competency Assessments

Make Decisions Collaborative

Innovation thats the blood of any business. And that’s exactly we believe. Our platform is constantly under innovation. One of the greatest innovation we recently implemented is collaborative decision making platform in competency assessment.That’s the most powerful thing one can have. And we empowered you with a tool where you can take assessment online for a candidate, take interviewers feedback, collate scores and then generate competency based job match report. Not only this help you take collaborative decisions but it ensures Competency Based Interviews is in place as well.

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Our Awesome Responsive Dashboard

While creating the responsive platform, we ensured that you get everything at one place. And that’s how we always visualized our dashboard before it was made. Ease to understand and the simplest possible experience in using. This dashboard is crafted keeping in mind the awesomeness which probably you will always want. The end result? Got a Mobile, Tab, Laptop or computer. We ensure we open everywhere. You can simply manage your Human Resource Process from anywhere you want. Your work is awesome anywhere if you’ve got an internet connection. In our Dashboard – a flexible browser-based user interface, you can visualize business intelligence data with the intuitive tools provided in our application.

Competency Assessment Dashboard
Competency Analysis

Robust Analytics

After you conduct the assessment and surveys, then what? In some cases, you have the option to export the responses and then create graphs. In some cases, you have to see and type the results to a sheet to analyze further. With our analytics, you can do the same in a better way and with few clicks. The analytics enable you to visualise and compare data in the way you want. You can compare candidates for recruitment decisions across all competencies assessed; you can see responses across various factors and can further segregate the same among different demographics i.e. age, sex, tenure of service and so on. And, you simply need to click to download the charts and add to your presentation.

Stellar Support

We have a Customer-First Culture Support Team. We emphatically work every time to create and elevate the overall customer experience which underlines our commitment to total “customer intimacy” – “customer-centricity” and “delight”. We are available at every man work-hour and when called in you get response real time. We are adaptive to different problems.  We are always committed to Customers as we are committed as company known to deliver HR Awesomeness.  We concentrate objectively to each Customer Context. Our support team interprets your queries and problems clearly first to provide full solution also to those problems which are indicative of something that is not immediately obvious. Every account is supported by One Knowledge Consultant, One Technical Consultant and One Business Consultant directly whom you can contact anytime apart from a support portal with ticket system for your candidates who will be taking the assessments.

Competency Analysis

Our Products 

Job Match Assessments

In today’s business world organizations are primarily focused on matching people to specific jobs for their recruitment and selection process.

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Intelligence On Emotions

Intelligent Emotions empowers our understanding to highly complex behavioral leadership faculty which can guide everyone to a happy diversity.

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Motivational Factor Assessments

Performance has always been = (Personal Ability * Motivation). Unless every employee is turbo-motivated – you won’t have a great engaged squad.

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Employee RnR strategy Surveys

Rewarding and Recognizing employees contributions and accomplishments are an important part of creating a quality work culture. When your employees know that

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Employee Workplace Surveys

It is an indisputable fact today that creating a great workplace is an integral part of an organisation’s business strategy.Without a comfortable workplace where employees feel they can do their job.

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Customized Employee Surveys

When you Talk you are only Repeating what you know; but when Listen, you may Learn something new. Listen to surveys as Employee Opinion Matters.

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Training Need Surveys

This is a survey that serves as a diagnostic tool for determining what training needs to take place. This survey gathers data to determine

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Employee Engagement Survey

Employee Engagement is a property of the relationship between most esteemed organization and employees. Engagement is an addictive enthusiastic

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Exit Surveys

Exit survey is one of the necessary compliances for you at the end of employee life cycle (ELC) if you want to check the predominant attrition rate .

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360 Degree Assessments for Development

Developing Employees is probably the most important part of Organizational Development if not the only one. While charting out development plan

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360 Degree Assessments For Performance

Promoting the right person can be always be challenging. More challenging can be finding the right person to promote. The same challenge is faced while doing

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