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Competency Assessments

Collaborating Competency Assessments

Innovation that’s the blood of any business. And that’s exactly we believe. Our platform is constantly under innovation. One of the greatest innovation we recently implemented is collaborative decision making platform in competency assessment.

Almost every position requires 4 to 5 candidates and they go through 2-5 rounds of interviews before you zero down on the best available option. Hence if there are 5 candidates and 3 rounds of interviews also, you have total 15 types of interview opinions and its obvious those opinions will be different.

As a Human Resource person, the challenges you might face are to ensure :

  • that all the interviews are competency based interviews because you know very well that’s the way it should be?
  • that every opinion is competency focussed?
  • that you consider every opinion in decision making?

How Collaboration On Competency Assessment Works

With our Job Match Competency Assessments, once you invite the candidate for assessment and the candidate completes the same, you have an option to add multiple interviewers to that assessment.

Once the interview is complete, the interviewer can add his / her views on the competencies used in job match competency assessments.

Once all the interviews are complete, the scores of the competencies assessed by different interviewers and the competency assessments are collated and the average scores for each competency  is generated and you can have the final scores and report ready to make final decision.

How You Can Evaluate

Benefits Of Collaborating Competency Assessments

Through competency assessments

  1. You ensure your organization practices competency focused interviews rather than a generic one.
  2. As a result, the opinion of the interviewers will be competency focussed.
  3. You ensure every interviewer’s decision is given value before the final selection is done.
  4. Our competency assessment platform being purely online by birth, ensure you go paperless and on cloud in every stage.
  5. It saves lots of time. The competency assessment normally takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and the interview feedback and evaluation takes maximum 10 minutes to complete by an interviewer.
  6. Online, Time saving and paperless – It always results cost saving.

Process Of Collaborating Competency Assessments

  1. Go to Job Match Assessment Section
  2. Select your assessment from the list
  3. Invite candidate for taking the Assessment
  4. Once the candidate completes the assessments or if its ended incomplete, you will be notified via mail.
  5. If the competency assessment is incomplete, you can reactivate the same so that the candidate completes the same.
  6. Once the assessment is complete, select the competency assessment and add interviewer.
  7. The interviewer gets a mail with a link where they can evaluate a candidate.
  8. Once the interview is over, the interviewer clicks the link and answers the questions asked.
  9. Once all the interviews are complete or you want to avoid any interview which is not complete and is not required, simply click the Report Request button.
  10. The candidate’s report for the competency assessment will be available on your dashboard in next 24 hours.

FAQs on Collaborating in Competency Assessments

How the Interviewers will know what competencies to choose and what questions to ask?

Once you have access to our account, you have access to Training resources on every job profile which explains :

  • The Job Match model which explains what are competencies required in the job as per job model.
  • Definition of each of the mentioned competencies.
  • Different scales and behavior of the person under each competency
  • Different questions which can be asked to assess each of the competencies

The training guide is available in PDF, PPT and Video module.

Do the Interviewer need to score competency?

No, simple questions on the competency is asked  with the options given. The interviewer need to simply select the right option for the competency assessed for the candidate. Rest we will take care.

Is it mandatory to have the interview module in Competency Assessments?

Absolutely not. After the competency assessment is completed by the candidate, you have two options :

  1. Add Interviewers to the candidate assessments or
  2. Request report for the candidate assessments.

What will happen if the interviewer has not evaluated / is not available for interview and we need to generate report immediately?

Once you invite interviewer in the Job Match Competency Assessments, you can see in the dashboard the status of the interviewers. Once you see all interviews are complete for a candidate or you feel that no more interview evaluations are required, you simply need to click Request report. Once you do that, all the interview scores submitted till that time will be taken and the report for Job Match Competency Assessments will be generated accordingly.