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When 360 degree feedback for development and 360 degree performance are adopted by a single organization, the organization becomes successful in measuring the “What” versus the critical “How”. It has clearly linked performance Appraisals with personal Development of employees.

360 degree feedback for development can be obtained through 360 Assessments for Development.

How 360 degree feedback for Employee Development and Organizational Performance are interlinked?

There is a link between Employee Development and Performance that 360 degree feedback focuses on:

360 Degree feedback for development results in the creation of a personalized action plan.

Action Plans for Targeted Development:

  • Personal and career development of employees who are willing to grow and learn
  • Discovers the present level of proficiency of your employees job related competencies
  • Where is the lacuna of capacity or intent to grow
  • Where your employees need to grow or improve
  • Which are the workplace behaviour he/she should tone down or to be pruned
  • Which are the areas of development certain employees were thinking to focus on are not a priority

Personal development of employees happens when the managers meets with a coach, creates an action plan which pinpoints individual development needs, shares it with the every intended person and effectively clears his doubt, and follows up with his or her boss or coach to report on progress of that employee’s development.

If this action plan is put to action it creates a bunch of Effective Team who are committed for organizational performance.

Benefits of having committed Teams:

  • Teams focuses on cooperation and collaboration to ensure group commitment
  • Allows groups to come together on goals and work better as a team
  • Promotes a transparent work environment where all types are feedback are shared and accepted sportingly
  • Organizational expertise grows rapidly by virtue accumulated shared learning

Organizational Development accelerates when the 360 survey is repeated each year to measure improvement and establish an ongoing 360 degree dialogue within an organization (giving full weightage on external customer’s feedback) about overall personal development.