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Retaining Employees are more important

than recruiting employees

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Employee Retention

Employees are the foundation of every organization. Hence employee retention is qual to retaining your foundation.

In a today’s world where the war for workforce is making it tough to recruit good employees and where key skills getting more scarce, the need to retain your most talented employees are crucial for your organizational growth.

Your employees are the framework on which all of your organization’s success is built, which is why a organization with low turnover is far more likely to be successful than one with high turnover.

What are the benefits of Employee Retention

Need & Importance of Employee Retention for your organization is important, because of the following reasons:

  • Organizations with a high employee turnover rate typically incur higher costs.
  • An organization invests time and money in grooming employees and make them ready to work and understand the organizational culture
  • When an employee resigns from the present organization, it is more likely that he would join the competitors
  • Employees that work with each other for a long time eventually adopt traits from each other and moreover, they are well aware of the organizational culture
  • Once a new employee is hired, it takes significant time and energy from management to help the new hire learn and adapt to the organization.
  • It has been seen that employees sticking to an organization for a longer span are more loyal towards the management and the organization

Our Employee Retention Solutions

Our Employee Retention Solution, will provide with you the solutions through which you can measure and analyse why your employees are leaving and how and what you need to do to retain your valuable employees.The only thing you need to decide is the time period in which you want to calculate your retention. It can be measured monthly, quarterly, or annually. It’s completely up to you which ever one works best for your organization .Below are the tools to manage employee retention that you can look at: