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“Why Work for us?” jingle is important in Employer Branding?

Employer Branding should complement your recruitment Strategies and vice versa. And it should add up positively to your Employee Engagement endeavours right from the day of on-boarding.

  • As an HR Manger “Why Work for Us?” is an important ingredient in your sales pitch when you sale your company to any candidate. You give utmost importance to this when you talk to a candidate. You articulate it with impeccability, poise, gravity and grace.
  • But at times you also ponder “Why am I working in my current Company?”- What is the answer you find for yourself?
  • Whatever be the answer, I would like to ask you another question. Down the years is your answer now is the same answer your hiring manager told you “Why Work for Us?” the day of your on-boarding.
  • At the end of this blog we would ask you another pertinent question, and we need an honest answer from your end. But for the time being please have patience.


What is Employer Branding?

This short video posted in YouTube by DoD!fferent English, Published on Feb 7, 2014 shows why is employer branding is very essential for your engaging employee productivity.


Employees’ word of mouth endorsement about your Company’s work culture is very crucial. And applicant’s would only believe them if your employees are performers. You cannot showcase your employees as your Brand Ambassadors until and unless they are super achievers!

If you want to build a bunch of super-achievers for your Company, so that you can showcase their talent to create a magnetic Employer Branding campaign best shot in ‘Why Work for Us?’ jingle, where is the starting point?

It all starts with HR Awesomeness. HR managers who know own organization’s Core Competencies fishes out talents with Competency based Job Match Assessments. Competencies drive competence.


An example of how a Fortune 500 Employer branding gives best shot in ‘Why Work for us?’ jingle:

We visited the web link: http://beta.fortune.com/fortune500 in search for some Employer Branding jingles of top Fortune companies.

The No. 1 company is: Walmart (As per Fortune 500)

We visited the career page at Walmart (http://careers.walmart.com/our-people/videos/).


There are randomly picked samples of two videos:

Video 1 is “Real Associates: Krystal Bryne” (Published on May 9, 2013, posted by Walmart.)

The next video “Associates Speak Out: Walmart is a Great Place to Work”, Published on Apr 25, 2013,

The video description is given as: “Working at Walmart isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to build a career. Hear from real Walmart associates about why they love their jobs and what makes them excited to come to work every day


Why your Employer Branding needs a best shot in ‘Why Work for Us?’ jingle?

Now it’s time to ask that pertinent question! We need an Honest Answer.

Two questions, “Why Work for Us” and “Why am I working in my current Company?” do elicit same answer from your end?

As a Manager of your Company do you preach what you practice? – And vice versa.

This is the question you should not only ask yourself, but repeat this question to everyone around your company and to the society you are part of.

Create a feedback Campaign, and ask everyone, like:

  • Your Board Members
  • Your CEO
  • Your Managers across all divisions
  • Line mangers
  • Employees and executives alike
  • External Customers
  • Candidates who have applied
  • People who have left


Be Creative to compare now the feedback from surveys to ask people who are not apparently connected to your organization. Ask “Why Work for Us?” to anyone who is not working in your Company, like:

  • A mother in mid 40s
  • A roadside florist
  • An university student
  • A War veteran
  • A teacher,

And, even to,

  • Kids around the block.


Now how many answers have you got? Have every one heard about your brand? Does everyone give the same answer?

When you are listening to these answers you are on the right foot for creating a best shot ‘Why Work for Us?’ jingle for your Employer Branding.