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Engaging your Employees with company’s Vision, Mission and Goals is necessary for achieving a sustainable Competitive Advantage.
Employee Engagement can stop organizations obsolesces of strategic sustainability by developing Core Competencies for competitive advantage.
Employee’s intellectual contributions are like “open-source” knowledge and expertise – you need not pay for that – they are happy to share if they share an emotional bond with you.
An employee works or not whole-heartedly works or someone leaves your company – all these are the indicators of “Employee Engagement”.
Unfortunately, some companies face depreciating of their competitive advantage in market as somehow they find it impossible to analyze or leverage this overtly available “knowledge-thing” of human resources, the life blood essential for new product or service development or any innovation.
Here are few candid comments of employees gathered from a survey of a multi-national company published in a report titled, “Will They Tell You What They Know?”

  • “I usually only share info when asked.”
  • “I don’t offer and do not press if the suggestion is not well received.”
  • “Basically, I will share and ask for advice from anyone… I wouldn’t share/ask for information from people who are extremely high up in management or people who are arrogant.”

Knowledge is one of any company’s most important (intangible) assets that can be reaped in abundance only when employees are “emotionally-Engaged” with your company and love what they do.

Creative skills will be a more important driver of the economy than technical skills”, according to a DreamWorks survey of 150 senior human resources executives. Albert Einstein quoted decades ago “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” and “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.

Companies like DreamWorks are believer in every employee’s creativity.

“Whether it’s an idea for a new movie or a better plan for developing new products, DreamWorks believes that stirring the creative juices is critical for keeping the international company competitive”

-Dan Satterthwaite, Head of Human Resources, DreamWorks.

And thus “Creative Ideas” can become a sustainable “Innovation” in terms new product development or services – only by virtue of 200% emotional commitment and shared responsibility – in other words it’s Engaging Employees for Competitive Advantage.