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Why Job match assessments are a better hiring tool?

When you know how to hire right people for your organization, you feel better and confident. Once you have hired the right people for your bus, the whole organization is happy. Your employees are happy because of new mates they have found in their offices and factories; who are positive, cheerful and efficient. Job match is not only about skill match, but a way to ensure culture fit and balancing diversity in your enterprise.

Wrong hiring accentuates the burning need of Job match assessments as a better hiring tool. Statistically proven by management gurus that any wrong recruitment can milch 1/3 rd of your 1 employees yearly CTC, long back ago. But amazingly, till today we still depend on face to face interviews, paper and pencils assessments and gut feelings, intuition and luck.

Hiring the wrong person not only harms your company’s brand and profit-making opportunities but it will also cost your employees enthusiasm and energy and the positive flow required to be happy and passionate about what they do at office day in and day out.

5 reasons about why Job match assessments are a better hiring tool:

1.Competency focused:

Job match assessments are better hiring tools because they are job competency focused. A competency based job match assessments focuses on the right frame of knowledge, skills and attributes needed for people in an organization. Competencies drive competence. Be sure you hire people who would be a positive and profitable asset in your organization.

2.Cultural Fit:

Needless to say every job applicant need not to be married to your company’s vision, mission and goals. But you need to be choosy with whom and/or whom you would choose to be a part of your company’s culture.
With motivational factors assessments and intelligence on emotions assessments you can easily find out who you need to offer ticket to your bus.

3.Equity in recruitment process:

Most third party vendors who offer job match assessments modules generally offer online assessments. Thus the whole recruitment process gets digitized and automatically adheres to international compliances and legalities.

4.Saves time for bulk hiring:

A centralized database with the ability to scatter assessments on cloud helps any candidate to take job match assessments any corner of the globe. These types of tests or assessments open everywhere if internet is available. The test platform is responsive enough to open in smart phones.
In few clicks of mouse you can invite as many as candidates you choose and monitor those test or assessment progress in real time.

5.Ensures ROI of recruitment and hiring budget:

As you would be opting for Job match assessments you ensure greater ROI (return on investment) in the process. Job match not ensures cultural and competency fit scientifically, but also helps taking collaborative decisions of different interviewers for each interview in less amount of time.


You do away with massive paper works, bets on gut-instinct-luck, time guzzling processes of hiring altogether. You go green and lean and mean in hiring campaigns.
Be it time, money or resource and energy, you get better ROI (return on investment) each time – every time.