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Listening – a Team leadership must have?

What are the best leadership competencies? It is – team leadership. Team leadership drives teams towards visionary goals. And it starts with listening to your team actively.

Think of yourself as a visionary leader. You ought to deliver a speech today at AGM. You walk to podium. And you start your speech. Now, how many of your colleagues are accepting your views openly at that AGM?

According to Ford CEO Alan Mulally, he used a same technique he had refined at Boeing. To him leadership was all about:

“When you give a speech, you’ll be scored by the audience.”

According to Brian Tracy, great leaders understand that some of the best leadership qualities entail listening to others with undivided attention and they spend 50 percent or more of their time listening carefully. In a nutshell it is a critical competency for Team Leadership

Why Learning is more important than Speaking:

According to Peter Hill, CEO of Billy Casper Golf, “When I am speaking, I’m not learning.” This is the essence of all learning around the globe. Listening or Learning without interruptions (inner or of outer noises) with all neutrality is the key to understanding things as they are. As you concentrate more and more to take things as they are, you gain acceptability and audience with assertiveness. This is team leadership.

This video by Brian Tracy, Great Leaders Use Effective Listening, underlines why competencies like active Listening – a Team leadership must have.



How to use Active listening for Team Leadership:

This short video A leader’s guide to listening, by L. David Marquet will teach you the basics Listening skills. Later we would show you how Listening would enable you with the great abilities of Team Leadership of Zen Masters. How with 360 Degree learning you can build an Empire like Toyota (Whose DNA is ingrained in Kaizen culture)



Strategic Listening, Kaizen and finally Team Leadership:

According to Tom Peters, “the single most significant strategic strength that an organization can have is not a good strategic plan, but a commitment to strategic listening on the part of every member of the organization.”

This clip titled, Tom Peters’ Leadership Thoughts: Listening, by Tom Peters explains in brief why Strategic Listening accentuates entrepreneurial culture in organization.



In this video The Bright Idea Box: A Proven System to Drive Employee Engagement and Innovation, by Jag Randhawa explains how strategic listening initiated by team management of Toyota made it into an icon of quality, and World’s most profitable automaker from a struggling small town company. He explains why listening to 360 Degree feedback of stakeholders is essential for Leadership in disruptive economics. Team Leadership should essentially form a learning culture.

Thinking out of box comes from learning and listening to every feedback.

The Bodhi of ToyotaMHEurope, propagates Toyota Culture of Holistic Team Leaderships. Let us listen to their words, what creates their core competences in building out of box innovation:

The Toyota Way Philosophy… This philosophy is supported by two main pillars: “Continuous improvement”, promoting Genchi Genbutsu, Kaizen and Challenge, and “Respect for people”, promoting Respect and Teamwork. These five core values guide all Toyota employees around the globe every day.

They teach how “respect” to all actually brings greater acceptability of your leadership skills. In 3 words it is:

  • Give Respect
  • Listen, and finally
  • You would be listened to as a greater leader (by them whom you have respected and actively listened)