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Why conduct a midyear review for performance?

You should conduct a mid year review for performance simply for those reasons when your Coach last interrupted you in your last game.

Just visualize a dug out at any match in any UEFA Champions League. Just think about the excited and tensed coaches and mates of two camps.

“Well played a great first half, no need to say much.” – “But, watch out guys, – the next would be tougher!”

Midyear review  for performance has 3 objectives. They are:

  1. A realty check of all your business strategies.
  2. Choosing your knights for remaining part of the game. You understand:
    • Who should be stretched for the final punch?
    • Who needs to be replaced?
    • Who is hurt and need medical care, so that he/she can jump back to game.
  3. Releasing stress of your team, without letting your mates to cool their heels. It’s a pep session. Your team deserves pat on the back. Pump their spirits!!!

Mid year review for performance can take care of the 10 headache of any HR team:

  1. What goals and objectives have been accomplished so far?
  2. What are new the challenges that have emerged to meet the performance or goal accomplishment?
  3. What goals and projects still need to be accomplished?
  4. Which goals is no longer relevant or high priority?
  5. Should any business strategy be revised or removed from the priority list?
  6. What resources and support will be required to accomplish the goals that remain for the rest of the year?
  7. What obstacles or challenges might hamper performance going forward?
  8. What new knowledge, skills and capabilities will be required?
  9. Do the team need a new goal?

A mid year review for performance helps you to achieve the following:

  1. Identify and monitor over and under-achieving employees;
  2. Structure future training programmes and possible future roles;
  3. Provide both praise and constructive criticism in a neutral environment;
  4. Clearly communicate your expectations to employees; and
  5. Motivate employees to greater efforts on the company’s behalf.

Watch out. Don’t be surprised if you see the #MidYearReview hashtag trending on Twitter.