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How Far Online Exit Interview Survey Ensures Frank Opinion from Employees?

Why conducting an online exit survey makes more sense?

Exit Interviews are used in Organizations by the HR Department at the time of separation of employees.

As a HR Manager you should understand that today why most of the employees are reluctant to provide frank opinions in traditional paper and pencil exit interview forms. In most cases in the Exit Interview form, departing employees intentionally keep some questions blank because they are uncomfortable to reveal their true feelings.


According to various researches, statistics shows that the average response rate for paper and pencil exit interviews is approximately 30-35%. That means if suppose in your company you have 1000 employees with 5% turnover rate you should be receiving about 15 – 18 properly completed exit interviews per year from your departing employees. If you go through this participation level please take into account that your organization is getting exit feedback from just 1.5% of the total employee population.


Please give a relief to your departing employees from embarrassing or awkward situations when they are expected to give inputs openly to HR Manager in Exit Interviews. You can today also do away with much time consuming paper and pencil exit interviews because it may be the case that the employee who is about to quit is too emotionally drained to have patience to write down diligently the whole documents.

Online or Internet based exit interview survey solutions offered by third party HR Solutions Providers have HR software which empowers the HR Managers/Executives to solve all these problems with a centralised database of exit surveys empowered by demographic and behavioural analytics.
To ensure frank opinions from employees end, online exit interview surveys follow some basic rules. It will help you to take timely decisions and correct any management issues which were perhaps was an issue with departing employees.

Online surveys provide you option where you may invite departing employees via e-mails to give exit feedbacks which are:

  • to be taken via internet at any time and place of employees choice
  • not to lengthy
  • ensuring secrecy and data and feedback privacy

Being online and cloud based solves operational problems like massive paperwork which are preventing HR Managers from getting the information about employee turnover and take corrective retention strategies in a timely and effective manner.

The data or feedback provided to Human Resource Managers from exit surveys by employees in online or internet based exit interviews are quick and the analytics digs into data automatically real-time.