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Competency Assessments For Job match

Competency Assessments For Job match

In today’s business world organizations are primarily focused on matching people to specific jobs for their recruitment and selection process. With the rapid pace of change most organisations are focusing to select people who match the wider context of working within their organisation, such as fitting with the organisation’s values, relationships within the organization and customers and the physical environment such as the technology the organisation uses. A competency-based recruitment meets these changing needs.

What is Competency Match in a Job

Competency Based Job Match is the method through which you can ensure that the right person is selected for the right job is your organization

Competency based recruitment and selection focuses on identifying those candidates that can evidence those behaviourally defined characteristics which underpin successful/superior performance in the role you are seeking to fill.

Why Competency Match Is Required

Implementing a competency-based  approach for recruitment results in:

  • more efficient recruitment and selection process,
  • it needs to be productive,
  • successful and engaged employees.

A competency-based recruitment and selection approach increases the percentage of exemplary performers within the organization providing true competitive advantage

How do we match competency for a job

Our Job-Match Competency Based Recruitment contains the pre-build job competency profiles or models that provide a comprehensive set of standards against which candidates can be screened and assessed.  These models will help you in measuring attributes that are important for success on the particular job, like the ability to operate effectively in a team environment, initiative, concern for client / customers, results achievement, etc.

By implementing Our Job-Match Competency Based Recruitment can support your recruitment and selection process by:

  • Providing valid, fair and job-related standards against which to assess applicant competencies to perform in the targeted role / job;
  • Improving the transparency of the selection process by clearly communicating the behaviors employees must display for success in the role / job;
  • Serving as the foundation for the design of a well-designed, efficient and effective recruitment and selection processes;
  • Providing explicit, clear and transparent criteria on which to give candidates feedback on their performance in the selection process (e.g., input for future learning and development; etc.);
  • Providing standards for evaluating the success of the selection process – e.g., correlating the results of the selection process with competency-based on-the-job performance.

With Us You Can: 

  • Use Our Model Of Job Match for each job profile
  • Use  more than 70 pre built Assessments
  • Modify Competency Scales for any Assessment
  • Ask us to create assessments for you.
  • Create Customized Assessments
  • Access our Competency Library
  • Invite Interviewer to Score Competencies
  • Make collaborative decisions.
  • Generate two types of report for each asessment
  • Share Report with Others
  • Use analytics to compare across competencies
  • Manage Recruitment Process Effectively
  • Feel Awesome

After Using You Will


  • Save time to manage recruitment process
  • Save cost to recruit a position.
  • Make decisions easily
  • Involve others opinions scientifically
  • Reduce cost of wrong recruitment.
  • Have a smooth Recruitment Process.

Core Differenting Features

Core Features that makes us "The Best" if you have any requirement of assessment
Competency Assessments

Choose Job Specific Assessments

We have a range of assessments specific to job profiles.  A fresher in sales, One year experienced and three year experienced may be doing the same work but the expectations of results from the jobs are different. Hence, a same assessment for all the three may not work whatever items and tools you use. Same applied when you select a sales profile for B2B and B2C. The work may be same type, but the result they need to deliver is different. Hence what differentiates are the scales of competencies. With Assesstools, you can simply select the job profiles from the list of more than 70 Job Specific Assessments and the relevant assessments will be in your dashboard within next 24 hours. If you need Job Match Competency Assessment for the job profile which is not available, simply mail us and the same will be done. We went all ways to make this complex concept simple for you !!!

Job Match Assessments

Job Match Section is the first section of any Job Match Competency Assessments which actually shows the extent to which the assessment of a person on a selected competency is matching with what you think is ideal. Overmatching or Undermatching of competency to a great extent may not be the right fit as both are mismatch. Hence, this concept will help you choose more ideal fitment. If you have your competency map ready, you need to simply mail us and we will take care of the rest. Else, we have our model for competency with their scales for almost every job profile, which you can use directly or can modify the scales and use. This feature actually answers “Why to assess” as simply taking an assessment might not help you go anywhere. Job Match Assessment helps you to get a clear platform what you expect and what you are getting. A more professional approach and awesome feature.

Competency Assessments
Competency Assessments

Make Decisions Collaborative

Innovation thats the blood of any business. And that’s exactly we believe. Our platform is constantly under innovation. One of the greatest innovation we recently implemented is collaborative decision making platform in competency assessment.That’s the most powerful thing one can have. And we empowered you with a tool where you can take assessment online for a candidate, take interviewers feedback, collate scores and then generate competency based job match report. Not only this help you take collaborative decisions but it ensures Competency Based Interviews is in place as well.

Learn More

2 Types Of Reports and Sharing 

Gone are those days when you need to print the assessment report and pin it up with the interview sheet and CV.  With every job match competency assessment, you get two kinds of reports. One descriptive, where the report is explained in words and another graphical where you can see a graphical representation of the same. Along with these two report options, you get a share button where with 2 clicks, you can the share the report with the relevant person, whom you want to show the report. If required, that person can download the report. It gives you power to go paperless as you can see reports online and can show reports online. This feature becomes very helpful when there are rounds of interviews and importance increases when the same is multi locational. This innovation ensures you and your organization manages the process of assessment in a simple online way !!!

Competency Assessments
Competency Assessments

Change Scale of Competencies 

There might be possibilities that the scales we describe in our model doesn’t fit your requirement. In such case, you can simply modify those scales which you want and such modified job match competency assessment will be available on your dashboard. For example, you are using our assessment named – B2B Sales Assessment for Junior managers and the competency named “ Delivering Presentation” is scaled as “Proficient” as per our model. But, you need the same to be “Advanced” as per your industry and requirement is concerned. In this case, you simply need to use the Modify Form available and the same with the changed scale will be available on your dashboard. More than our model, an assessment is of use if it serves what your requirement is and that’s why we made this tool so much customisable !!!

Create Your Customized Assessments 

There might be some cases, where you need a specific set of competencies and scales in your assessment. With Assesstools, this part is taken care of. You get access to our competency library and you simply need to select the competencies you need to assess and their relevant scales. That’s all. Within 24 hours, the assessment will be in your dashboard. Also, a sample report will be mailed to you before you use such assessment. This feature is one of the most powerful tool as it gives you opportunity to chart out what exactly what you want and at which scale. This makes our online assessment platform purely competency focussed and as a result adding to the awesomeness of this tool. Moreover, if you are not sure about the competency to choose and its relevant scale, you need to simply mail us the job description and rest will be taken care by us.

Competency Assessments

Our Range Of Competency Assessments for Job Match

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All Job Match Competency Assessment

Help yourself with a complete range of online Competency based Job-fit assessments which empowers you to make easy, efficient and time-bound effective management decisions.

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Job Match Competency Assessment By Function

Be it Customer Care, Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations, Production, Purchase, Quality, Sales or Training – click here and find out all our 25 Job Match Competency Assessments.

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Job Match Competency Assessment By Roles

Be it Executives & Junior Management, Managers and Middle Management or Senior Management & Leaders we have tailored our Job Match Competency Assessments intelligently

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Features Of Job Match Competency Assessment

Realistic Approach

While taking competency based assessment, one cannot navigate away from the screen. Also, a mix of positive and negative driver questions for each trait increases the probability of getting realistic and non artificial answers and assessments.

Saves Time and Energy

Being online under single dashboard, automated system and paperless works – It ensure you save time and energy and it in return always increase productivity. See our benefits section. Needless to say, everyone is benefited – The Participant, The HR, The Manager and The organization

Robust Analytics

Taking an Assessment is not the end. It’s beginning of a better decision process. Our robust analytics module help you make effective decisions. Simply make few clicks and know what you want to know and compare what you want to compare.

Cloud Based Platform

From Buying Credits, Creating Test, Inviting Test, Evaluation and Reports – Our entire process is cloud based and you get a single powerful platform to conduct all type of competency assessments and get reports.

Human Reports

Though our most of the things are online, our reports are assessed and prepared by human. All theories say Human Behavior is complex and hence still no fixed formula is there. Hence we used trained human to make reports than human made softwares.

Theories, Reliable And Valid Tools

We are not Scientists. But we have followed, adapted and selected highly reliable and valid tools and maintained all guidelines to create items for Competency Assessments with underlying widely accepted theories of Psychology, Management, Personality and Assessments.


Simple Language Reports

Neither we understand, nor we use complex language. Our every reports for Competency Based Assessment are written in very simple language and we have a support system in place where you can Call, Chat or Email with our team to clarify your doubts if you have any.

Relevant Measurement

Measure only what’s relevant to you. We don’t have a fix report with fix analysis where you have to browse your relevant part. You can ask exactly what you want to assess and we will create reports accordingly. It’s not what we have. It’s What you want !!!

Customize Your Competencies

You have an option to customize your assessments. Simply select the Core and Desired Competencies you need for a particular job and save your test. And you get all your reports accordingly. Customization is the feature which make you conduct meaningful customized assessments.

Pocket Friendly

We know the meaning of ROI and hence we ensure our solutions are worth at all. Whether it’s a single test or multiple tests –  you will find our prices always match able with your needs.We ensure you get the best return on every penny you spend with us.

Innovative Features

Structure, Theory, Concept – they make a base. But, innovation is what makes going further. Our dashboard is added with new innovative features regularly.Simply subscribe with us and you will get news on our innovations and ideas on a regular basis.

Round The Clock Support

A dedicated resource team dedicated to you. We have round the clock support through our support portal and we ensure we complete all support within timeline. Be it Billing, Refund, Understanding Reports , Creating Assessments and so on….

Benefits Of Behavior Based Competency Assessments

There is something for everyone… After all, It’s a Team !!!

For Participants:

  • Clear idea of competencies they need
  • Feel Of Fair evaluation being assessment
  • More performance focused

For HR :

  • Fast HR decisions ( hiring, Promotions etc.)
  • Paperless work
  • Saves time being automated
  • Fair Evaluation

For Managers:

  • Proper Delegation as per competency
  • Knows clearly about what needs to develop
  • Coaching oriented approach
  • Better Team Management
  • Better Efficiency

For Organization:

  • Fast Decisions
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Performance
  • High Productivity
  • Fair Employer

  • Competency Based
  • Job Role Specific
  • Multiple Evaluators
  • 2 Types Of Reports
  • Easy Language
  • Save Time and Money

It simply includes all

With every type of Assessments, you get 2 types of reports – Graphical and Narrative. Both available on your dashboard absolutely fee!!! With superb support and out Technical Specialists and Knowledge Specialists, we ensure you transit through the most comfortable ways.

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