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360 assessment for Performance

Customized Employee Surveys

With the concept of participative management such as TQM, 360-degree appraisals, empowerment and self-directed work teams, many companies are exploring the use of employee “attitude” surveys.

As an HR you will agree that employee productivity is strongly linked to their perception of their working environment and employees have the tendency to form “attitude” from their “perceptions” which they take as “reality”.

Areas where employee surveys are done

On boarding

How do you measure the impact and success of your new employees’ induction experience? A survey of 610 CEOs by Harvard Business School estimates that typical mid-level managers require 6.2 months to reach their break-even point.

Creative Thinking

Disruptive creativity leads to productivity, provided that the workplace environment is developed and nurtured in a way that allows the two to peacefully co-exist.


Work Environment

With flexitime, you’re employees may be able to find better working times and rhythms that allow them to do their best. How can you go green and totally secure with work environments? Let your people have a “say”?

Coaching & Leadership and organizational Development

By coaching employees you will be able to improve productivity in those who are underperforming, as well as you can develop your leadership talents to make sure they are learning and growing.


Job Satisfaction

A recent study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness at work led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive.


Adaptability – is the new competitive advantage. If the experience curve and the scale curve were the key indicators of success, Nokia would still be leading the Smartphone market. But it was attacked by an adaptive ecosystem.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning can help you to improve the performance of your company for the next several years. How? By finding out and focus on the handful of really big issues facing your organization. It is the size and impact of these strategic issues that gives rise to the importance of the strategic plan.


Reducing attrition and retaining high-quality employees is one area, in which survey can show a significant impact. In addition to being as productive as possible, companies want employees who will stick around.


“Improving processes through innovation can boost productivity by 25%” said Nestor Gismondi. Encourage work culture to tap grass root employee innovations like Toyota developed the capability to collect small ideas and gain competitive advantage.

Top Management & Transparent Communication

Management transparency came in at an extremely high correlation coefficient of .93 with employee happiness in a recent research. It appeared that it is not culture or relationships with the boss, but management transparency that stands out as the most important factor in determining employee happiness.

Communication and Teamwork within Team

Employee happiness is 23.3% more correlated to connections with co-workers than direct supervisors. There is a very strong correlation between employee happiness and their rating of co-workers with a .92 correlation coefficient compared to a .74 correlation coefficient between employee happiness and how they rate their direct supervisor.

Organizational Commitment

Organizational Commitment defined as the degree to which an employee experiences a ‘sense of oneness’ with their organization. Employees committed to the organization should also be committed to strategic change initiatives by management in equal degree. Are your employees committed to “Change”s?

Pay & Benefits

Compensation costs – salaries, wages, and benefits – are a large and increasing part of operating expenses; yet, productivity can decline among workers who get more pay and benefits. Ironically, not all employee motivation and productivity problems are solved by pay raises and promotions. It isn’t necessary to make pay adjustments beyond a fair industry-wide (market place) level. Know your employee pulse. The tailoring of benefits to satisfy specific needs is part of the quality of work life technique.

Functional Expertise

Functional expertise is accrued through study, deliberate practice, and experience. Cross-functional teamwork can improve your organization’s ability to meet production demands and the time it takes your company to respond to customer and business needs if they tend to be green in gaining functional expertise over a significant amount of time.


Customer Service

What if you could add up just a few happier customers every day by answering their email – and resolving their issue – faster? Suppose, do even if your employees procrastinate on a support ticket, they email the customer and let them know that an update will be sent for them by a specific time and date? Find out!

Features Of Employee Surveys

If you want to build up and grow as an organization, it’s very important to conduct employee surveys on different subjects on regular basis. It takes a great team to sail for success. And every member matters. Our employee survey is a reliable, cost-effective way to find out what people in your organization really think and feel. Our Employee Surveys are a vehicle to define employees’ issues and focus managers’ time and resources where it matters most.

How you can avail our employee survey service:

Online Browser responsive Cloud Platform for all kinds of surveys

From Buying Credits, Creating Employee Survey, Inviting to take Survey, Evaluation and Reports – Our entire process is cloud based and you get a single powerful platform to conduct all type of Employee Survey and get reports.

Item Bank

Whatever survey area it is, whatever survey topic it is, whenever you want to know employee opinion found in our surveys, we can create customized items for you. We already have Survey Modules on a large number of topics and our team will ensure delivery of the same in 24 hours.



You have the option to Customize Employee Surveys your ways. We can create Your Items. Modify Our Questions. Customization is the most powerful feature while conducting any employee survey. We provide customized within 48 man hours.

Round The Clock regular Man hour Support

We have a dedicated resource team dedicated to you. We have round the clock support through our support portal and we ensure we complete all support within timeline. Be it Billing, Refund, Understanding Reports, Creating Surveys and so on…. Our report for Employee Surveys is written in very simple language and we have a support system in place where you can Call, Chat or Email with our team to clarify your doubts if you have any.

Robust Analytics

Taking an Employee Survey is not the end. It’s beginning of a better decision process. Our robust analytics module helps you make effective decisions. Simply make few clicks and know what you want to know and compare what you want to compare in our digital analytics reports.

Innovative Features

Structure, Theory, and Concept – we are awesomely organic. But, innovation is what makes us keep going further. Our dashboard and survey researches are added with new innovative features regularly. Subscribe us – and join us as a pioneering talent activist.

On Time – every time

Being online under single dashboard, automated system and paperless works – It ensure you save time and energy and it in return always increase productivity in a Pocket Friendly way -we ensure you get the best return on every points you spend with us.

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