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Motivational factors Assessments

Motivational factors Assessments

Employee Motivational Factors Assessment

Our motivation assessment helps you to understand what are the motivation factors of each of your employees that increase or decrease their motivation and provides satisfaction in job.

We help you understand, what are the factors that your employees find beneficial and motivational from their own rights through which you can motivate your employees more.


Performance has always been = (Personal Ability * Motivation)


Motivating means encouraging people to take more initiative and interest in the work assigned. It is an art of getting things done willingly from others. It is the force that draws your employees to move towards accomplishment.

And you must understand there are two types of motivation, Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. It’s important to understand that we are not all the same in all conditions; thus effectively motivating your employees requires that you gain an understanding of the different types of motivation.

Our Employee Motivation Factor Assessment is the assessment tool which will help you in Identifying the individuals needs and talents. This test is designed to throw light on the things that affect your employees to drive, commit, and perform. It provides an assessment of what they are looking for in an ideal job, and an indication of how far these existing job offers them. It will help you to recognize your employee’s predominant motivational trigger or factor and along with that identify the rewards that best satisfy their needs.


  • Materialistic Driver
  • Feel of Power
  • Meaning in Works
  • Expert Feeling
  • Creativity
  • Social Connect
  • Free To Apply
  • Sense Of Security
  • Stature Oriented
  • Delivers Better productivity which lead to lower unit costs of production and so enabling a company to sell its product at a lower price
  • Ensures total adherence to quality in production
  • Ensures delivery of high-quality services
  • Shows lower levels of absenteeism as the employees are content with their working lives
  • Levels of attrition rate are very low
  • Brings more innovation and creativity into work
  • Improved industrial relations with trade unions
  • Give the organization a good reputation as an employer so making it easier to recruit the best workers
  • Takes ownership of responsibilities
  • Works persistently as cohesive teams even when the number of employees increases
  • Gives up individualistic interests, aligns oneself with actualization of organizational goals
  • Total Number Of Items – 72
  • Total Time Allocated – 90 minutes


  • It is required for all roles and for all profile – because unless you ensure each and every employees is motivated – you won’t have a great team of highly engaged employees who make the customer experiences delightful. “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”


Motivation factors Focused


To The Point Approach



Features Of Employee Motivational Factor Assessment

These are what made us different...

Realistic Approach

While taking competency based assessment, one cannot navigate away from the screen. Also, a mix of positive and negative driver questions for each trait increases the probability of getting realistic and non artificial answers and assessments.

Saves Time and Energy

Being online under single dashboard, automated system and paperless works – It ensure you save time and energy and it in return always increase productivity. See our benefits section. Needless to say, everyone is benefited – The Participant, The HR, The Manager and The organization

Robust Analytics

Taking an Assessment is not the end. It’s beginning of a better decision process. Our robust analytics module help you make effective decisions. Simply make few clicks and know what you want to know and compare what you want to compare.

Cloud Based Platform

From Buying Credits, Creating Test, Inviting Test, Evaluation and Reports – Our entire process is cloud based and you get a single powerful platform to conduct all type of competency assessments and get reports.

Human Reports

Though our most of the things are online, our reports are assessed and prepared by human. All theories say Human Behavior is complex and hence still no fixed formula is there. Hence we used trained human to make reports than human made softwares.

Theories, Reliable And Valid Tools

We are not Scientists. But we have followed, adapted and selected highly reliable and valid tools and maintained all guidelines to create items for Competency Assessments with underlying widely accepted theories of Psychology, Management, Personality and Assessments.


Simple Language Reports

Neither we understand, nor we use complex language. Our every reports for Competency Based Assessment are written in very simple language and we have a support system in place where you can Call, Chat or Email with our team to clarify your doubts if you have any.

Relevant Measurement

Measure only what’s relevant to you. We don’t have a fix report with fix analysis where you have to browse your relevant part. You can ask exactly what you want to assess and we will create reports accordingly. It’s not what we have. It’s What you want !!!

Customize Your Competencies

You have an option to customize your assessments. Simply select the Core and Desired Competencies you need for a particular job and save your test. And you get all your reports accordingly. Customization is the feature which make you conduct meaningful customized assessments.

Pocket Friendly

We know the meaning of ROI and hence we ensure our solutions are worth at all. Whether it’s a single test or multiple tests –  you will find our prices always match able with your needs.We ensure you get the best return on every penny you spend with us.

Innovative Features

Structure, Theory, Concept – they make a base. But, innovation is what makes going further. Our dashboard is added with new innovative features regularly.Simply subscribe with us and you will get news on our innovations and ideas on a regular basis.

Round The Clock Support

A dedicated resource team dedicated to you. We have round the clock support through our support portal and we ensure we complete all support within timeline. Be it Billing, Refund, Understanding Reports , Creating Assessments and so on….

Benefits Of Behavior Based Competency Assessments

There is something for everyone… After all, It’s a Team !!!

For Participants:

  • Clear idea of competencies they need
  • Feel Of Fair evaluation being assessment
  • More performance focused

For HR :

  • Fast HR decisions ( hiring, Promotions etc.)
  • Paperless work
  • Saves time being automated
  • Fair Evaluation

For Managers:

  • Proper Delegation as per competency
  • Knows clearly about what needs to develop
  • Coaching oriented approach
  • Better Team Management
  • Better Efficiency

For Organization:

  • Fast Decisions
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Performance
  • High Productivity
  • Fair Employer
  • Competency Based
  • Job Role Specific
  • Multiple Evaluators
  • 2 Types Of Reports
  • Easy Language
  • Save Time and Money

It simply includes all

With every type of Assessments, you get 2 types of reports – Graphical and Narrative. Both available on your dashboard absolutely fee!!! With superb support and out Technical Specialists and Knowledge Specialists, we ensure you transit through the most comfortable ways.

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