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Employee Rewards And Recognization Strategy Survey

Why Rewards and Recognition is required:

Rewarding and Recognizing employees contributions and accomplishments are an important part of creating a quality work culture. When your employees know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their job.

For building an effective work environment, you need to understand the psychology of praising employees for their good work. It is very important that your employees know they are viewed as valuable members of your organization. With praise and rewards, you can create and reinforce a positive self-image in your employees, keeping them engaged with your organization’s growth.

Following are the reasons why you need to consider implementing a rewards and recognizing process in your organization to build a great organization:

  • Employees who are recognized are engaged, and engaged employees equate to higher retention rates. Recognition is very much linked to reduced turnover rates, helping your organization to stay on the right track.

  • A culture of recognition creates a positive environment that leads to employee engagement making your workplace where your employees want to be at work and want to continue to make lasting impacts on their peers.

  • Employees who are motivated produce outstanding results. They know how their work can contribute to your organization’s values and goals.

Why Rewards and Recognition fails

Wrong rewards and recognition program strategy can turn the program designed to improve morale and teamwork into one that instead creates low morale and antipathy.

Organizations always assume that they know what their employees will find desirable. But sometimes the employees it is not not necessarily what employees want which leads to de-motivation.

Like for example, in a company all the employees are sponsored for foreign trips on every success of their employees. After having such an expensive reward program it was found that most of their employees where not motivated. Later after conducting a survey it was found that majority of their employees was having an neck of motivation from monetary rewards.

So, it’s very important to know what motivates your employees most.

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Our Rewards and Recognition Strategy Survey

We help you to conduct strategic rewards and recognition programs which will serve as a tool for reinforcing your employees behaviours that can drive your organization to excellence and give a vital boost for engaging your employees towards organizational success. Our vast area help you analyse and strategize your rewards and recognition program. Following are the areas:

Material Rewards and Incentives

is based on tangible rewards. People your are motivated with incentives tends to be efficient in works which involves tangible rewards which are usually financial in nature, such as a raise in salary, a bonus for reaching some quota or paid time off.

Self Satisfaction

People tends to be more efficient when doing a job matches with the things which are valuable for one’s own sake. They believe in contribution and may make sacrifices in order to follow their inner beliefs. They believe in helping others rather than helping themselves. They will take decisions only in the context of their personal beliefs and values.

Feel Of Expert

People gets motivated with the works which gives specialist knowledge and skills to perform specialized activities. People with expertise as their motivator tends to works hard to gain depth knowledge in a particular field and tend to be the specialized one. They maintain a disciplined and structured work life.

Creativity and Innovation

People gets motivated in the roles which requires creativity and innovation i.e. which has the opportunity to be done differently as well. The key factor for the people who are driven by creativity is a feeling of accomplishment in producing something different.

Affiliation and Social Connect

People who are driven with affiliation strives to be close to others, enjoys the bonding relationships with others. They value relationships more than their job. The key motivating factor for them is closeness.

Freedom and Independence

People driven with freedom and independence feel a greater responsibility for the outcomes of their work, and therefore have increased work motivation. They like to make their own informed decisions and choosing to act according to their own values and beliefs.

360 Degree Assessment performance

Sense Of Security

People motivated with security tends to be wanting a predictable and relaxed future. They tend to accept what others has to offer rather than radical stance. They prefer to take the safest routes to reach their goals. These kinds of people tend to be low in initiative and decisive traits, they like to follow others, they prefer to avoid any kind of conflicts.

Recognition and Appreciation

They are driven with a professional position, condition, or standing to which varying degrees of responsibility, privilege, and esteem are attached. People driven with recognition and appreciation tend to maintain a prestigious impact on others. They prefer to take power & authority and assignments that require responsibility and self publicizing. The key motivating factor for the people is position and they like to leave an impression on others.

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