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Smarter Sourcing in the War for being a Talent Magnet:

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”

-Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC), Chinese philosopher and reformer


Today we live in a virtual world. Our primary source of information comes from social media. SMARTer Sourcing has 4 basics:

  • Speed
  • Fetching pearls from oceans
  • Being judgmental – being humane
  • Being a Talent magnet


We would discuss how to follow these golden 4 rules to excel social recruiting. But let us have a reality check at present vogue of social media recruitments.

Social Media as Google of SMARTer Sourcing:

We have quoted from an article to show how social recruitment has hone viral over the years:

Social media offers unprecedented access to millions of high-quality candidates for free if you know how to find them. In short, social networks are the new Google. In 2015, sourcers (we used to call them “head hunters”) skilled in boolean and x-ray searches were in high demand. These are applicable to the most populated channels to hunt for candidates such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Facebook Graph search deserves a worthy mention as another way for sourcers to find more candidates. This year, social sourcing will continue to be a coveted area of expertise.

2016 Social Recruitment Trends Forecast: Christine Del Castillo| February 10, 2016 (https://resources.workable.com/blog/2016-social-recruitment-trends-forecast)


An Example of how technology is driving head hunting:

We have quoted from an article extensively to show you how head hunting is becoming a tech-Jedi:

The Advantages of Data: Predictive Control and Speed
Before I dive into each of the 5 levels of talent mining, I want to take a moment to explain precisely why sourcing potential candidates via human capital data (typically text from resumes, social profiles and activity, Internet content, etc.) is so powerful. There are two major advantages talent mining has over all other forms of generating candidates (e.g., cold calling, referrals, applicants, etc.):

1. More predictive control
When searching human capital data, you have a significant ability to predictively control the primary candidate variables: what people have done, what people can do, what people would like to do, where they would like to work, their compensation and their availability.

2. Speed
When searching human capital data, you can identify as many as 60 closely matched (highly likely to be QIA – qualified, interested and available) potential candidates per hour. Compare that to cold calling, trying to elicit referrals, and posting a job…


Talent Mining – Unearthing Value in Human Capital Data


4 basics of SMARTer Sourcing:


Speed has become precondition of existence today. In the war of the fittest recruiters must be lightening fast. The basic trick is “Listen. Take the best. Leave the rest” (Richard Branson).

Listen” is nothing but understanding the core competencies of your client company, and understanding the behavioural competencies are they looking for job-match.

Take the best” is nothing but once you get a good profile everything else becomes unimportant. Suppose you are sending someone for a race in Olympics. What is the best option? Finding a single Usain Bolt is more than enough. Do you need to send 2-3 athletes more? If you are not convinced we would give a simple logic.

Until few years back IBM had a dedicated portal for their registered vendors whom they outsources recruitments in India. Once they post a requirement in that portal, you just got average 20 minutes to find and upload the candidate profiles. And if it is a single vacancy you cannot nominate more than 2 candidates. (Each vendor had option for 2 candidates at the most.) Every second delay means chances of uploading duplicate profiles multiplied. You need to be real fast.

Best is a very deceptive term. Don’t chalk a picture of candidate in mind and start crawling web after that. First dig in social media pages, see what you get – choose from what you get. Don’t crawl to find what you want in your mind’s eye.

2)Fetching pearls from oceans

Fetching pearls from oceans is nothing but the techniques you should master mentioned in What is The Advantages of Data: Predictive Control and Speed. Please keep in mind we are an ocean of people. Social pages are updated every second. You have to dig deep, may be say posts of someone 10 days ago, or digging multiple levels to find a hidden gem.

Point 1 & 2 are two opposite techniques. How to do both things at one go, we would discuss in point 4.

3)Being judgmental – being humane

Being judgemental by being humane is most important factor of being a recruiter. Social profiles speak volumes. The comments, posts and likes of your candidate do not necessarily be the mirror of the good, bad and the ugly. Be indifferent to all these. If you take a Big Five factor assessment of someone, you would understand human beings cannot be normed.

The social profile is the point of contact as good as databases you get for cold calling. You need to talk, talk and again talk, if possible take online behavioural as well as skill based assessments to judge your candidates. Weigh not the negatives and positives ratios – but judge how far those are contributing to the persona as a whole.

4. Being a Talent magnet

Being a Talent magnet is actually combining and doing these 3 things simultaneously. How to do this?

Leverage the power of features offered by social tools and the uniqueness of www. Building relationship is the key to success. You need to have an integrated network of your connections across Face Book, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and so on.

Say you have a connection called Sam in LinkedIn. Now try to link him with all the accounts. The reason is simple. Leveraging Sam’s every possible connection for head hunting. It is not possible that Sam’s every connection have their profiles posted in each social media pages that Sam have. We mean, if Sam have 2 friends called Sally and Tom, Tom may be very active in FB while Sally in twitter. You need to connect the dots. You can even follow the media posted from YouTube by all these 3 people in different posts. Get into YouTube and whoa! – There’s another group of 20-30 people where they are connected.

The tricky part is once you establish a network of connections across every Social profile, see the magic.

Just log on into your account on any profile of social media, and every split second you have updates, links and profiles of candidates across the globe – indifferent of any social media.

We are in the era of WWW (World Wide Web) which is like a giant magnet. It connects everything and everyone. Once you have invested 2-3 months of diligent work in building relationships, next – just chill, have cappuccino.

Happy Hunting!!!