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4 Main features of  Assesstools for Assessments

ONE –  Cloud Platform: Our platform for online assessment is purely online. You can buy credits, request questions setup, invite for assessment, see and download report – all under one robust online platform.

TWO – Multi-Task: Our online assessment platform can support you making various HR or Organizational Development decisions. Some of the important areas, where assesstools play important role are : –

  • Taking any interview for recruitment.
  • Making any decision on promotion.
  • Knowing why actually employee is leaving.
  • Planning for a training.
  • Structuring An Employee Engagement Plan.
  • Knowing Employee opinion before making any strategical/functional change.

THREE – Innovation: Theories and practices are something which can help you structure things. But, innovation is what keeps on going. One of the prime innovations we did in assesstools recently is:

Case Study Based Assessment:  where you can simply,

  • convert your job description to a case study,
  • define the core and desired competencies you want to measure and
  • ask the candidate to solve the same.
  • Once solved, you can send it to multiple people for evaluation and
  • once done, we can send you an average score report with narrations.

To see how our report looks, please click here.

Case studies can be in any format – simple Text, Pictures, Videos, Audios and a mix and match of that. Whatever way you want it.

Four – Customization: Customization is another key feature of ours, where you can customize everything as per your requirement. Though we have standard models of all, but, our platform empowers you to customize and we provide support to customize anything you want – and free of any extra charge. Some popular things you can customize are: 

The word customize doesn’t mean just putting your questions. That’s purely a software job.We cal ourselves consultants. Our consultants understand your requirements, take reference of what kind of question you want and then create the items and send you for approval and once approved, they put it in your dashboard under the proper category of assessment.

If you are a decision maker for implementing Assessments in your organization and you believe these type of assessments add some value to your decision making system, we welcome you to sign up with us and use our assessment products for 7 days absolutely free -at no cost.