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Effective managers reap the benefits of their ability to inspire, coach and lead their staff – so what if your employees don’t find your company’s management style effective?

Management surveys are a powerful tool in finding out if the way your organisation’s managers see themselves as team leaders is aligned with what team members think of their managerial skill.

A good management survey will ask a range of questions, while also not being so long that employees will lose interest in completing it. It’s also important, of course, that management surveys are not so long and wordy that they take up valuable work time.

Some of the important elements of managerial ability that should be covered in a survey include:

  • The approachability and friendliness of the manager
  • The manager’s listening skills
  • Whether the manager makes themselves available to staff when they are needed
  • How consistent the manager is in their treatment of different staff members
  • The manager’s commitment to promoting work/life balance for employees
  • The timeliness of the manager’s actions and decisions
  • How the manager deals with conflict or misbehaviour among employees

Given the concerns employees will naturally have as their manager has the power to hire and fire, such opinion surveys should be anonymous and treated in confidence, so that staff members are willing to be honest and accurate in their comments on manager performance.

Company leaders are sometimes hesitant to find out the true opinions of their employees. Remember, there is no need for managers to take it personally if some workers have criticisms of their behaviour. Everyone has blind spots or flaws in their interactions with others, both at work and in life.

A good manager will appreciate the chance to see their behaviour through the eyes of another so they can work on the impression they are making with the people who matter most in their business – the workers.

At the same time, it is worth keeping in mind that there will always be people in every organisation who have many complaints about how they are treated, and who view their work environment negatively, despite the best efforts of management. So it is important to read survey results with a careful eye.

If one person has criticised their manager heavily but these comments don’t line up with other survey results, it may be wise to discount their views. But if a large number of people are critical of the same manager, it will be necessary to pay attention to their complaints and address these with the manager in question.

Management surveys can be a major contributor to organisational success because they give extra detail on all elements of management performance that you as company leader may otherwise not have time to investigate.

Once armed with knowledge of areas for improvement, your task is to fill in the management gaps in your business in order to increase staff satisfaction and build more productivity and profit.