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Without Scale Competency has no value.

Without proper scales job competency has no value. Job specific competencies are generally measured through five point behavioural rating scales. Those rating scales indicate your desired level of behavioural competency for each job in your organisation.


Why without Scale Competency has no value?

The ultimate aim of adopting proper behavioural scales for job specific competencies is to build Core Competency of an organization. Competency scales helps in 3 ways:

  • Organizational Strategies
  • Management Metrics
  • Personal Growth

1)Competency scales chalks Organizational Strategies:

Right from you begin Competency mapping or benchmarking – you are actually pre-fixing your organization’s competencies through competency scales. By pre-fixing the desired behavioural level of every job-specific competencies – you are actually telling whole of your workforces including managers and supervisors only “How” to perform.

If you talk about “What” to perform – it’s very vague. Everybody knows what to do. But, “how” to do that, keeps many in dark. Competency scales defines strategies to achieve sustainable profits.

The ultimate aim of competency mapping is achieving disruptive core competence. And this is done when you build job specific competency library. There you have to define, every behavioural competency, which are part of each job-specific competency in a 5-point scale:

  • Starter
  • Basic
  • Proficient
  • Advanced
  • Expert

Next, when you build job-match assessments module for each position of your enterprise, you need to customize your competency scales further. The level of competency in decision making, adaptability, listening ability or team work and collaboration of a sales manager or sales executive would be different. The level of adaptability or team work of B2B sales executive or marketing executive or B2C sales executive are different, though all of them are into sales and marketing. Competency scales hep you to earmark, appropriate behavioural competencies across rank and files.

2)Competency scale as Management Metrics:

As an HR manager you conduct performance management and talent management for your organization. Your effort starts with drafting job-description, sourcing to selecting candidates. Then you conduct annual performance reviews, Training need analysis. You also decide whom to be promoted and everything else.

Now, your every decision is guided by one thing – that is performance metrics. Competencies drive competence. Competency scales used either in drafting job-description or job-match assessments, or you use it in 360 degree performance reviews or 360 degree development report – all are cog in the machine. Each time, every time – competency scales are the talent management metrics that derives performance of your whole workforce.

The results obtained in individual job- match assessments indicate closeness of behavioural competency of your applicant’s against those competencies that you have fixed a desired scale (competency scale).

3) Competency Scale and Personal Growth:

Personal or employee development helps in appreciation of your company’s profits. But the first and last clause of ongoing appreciation is they develop themselves. At the end of every assessment, right from our kindergarten to the day we retire from job we are awarded grades. The sole aim of grading is not norming you against your peers. Grades provide us our individual metrics, so that we learn and grow. How?

Suppose, as an employee (even when you become an HR Manager) you are judged on your job competencies on basis of pre-fixed behavioural scales or competency scales. You are assessed in Job-match assessments, 360 Degree performance feedbacks and 360 Degree development feedbacks.

Each and every phase actually provides you a growth path. When your workplace behaviour is mapped against the proper metrics, you get a fair idea which behaviour is appreciated. You also get an idea which of your workplace behaviour or attitude are in excess and need to be checked.